Cicada 2024 shirt

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Introducing the 2024 Cicada shirt, designed by the talented artist Nicholas Reed! Nicholas's exceptional artistic skills were recognized when his painting won the Congressional art award for Congresswoman Nikki mBudz.

But before we delve into the shirt, let's take a moment to appreciate the remarkable creatures that inspired it - cicadas. Cicadas are captivating insects renowned for their unique life cycle and distinctive sound. Belonging to the order Hemiptera, they are closely related to aphids and leafhoppers.

Cicadas are well-known for their periodic emergence, spending the majority of their lives underground as nymphs before emerging as adult insects. This emergence often occurs in large numbers, forming what is known as a "brood." In the year 2024, we are fortunate to witness the emergence of two broods of cicadas.

These broods consist of groups of cicadas that have synchronized their life cycles, emerging together after spending several years beneath the surface. The simultaneous emergence of these broods is expected to be a captivating sight and a topic of interest for nature enthusiasts.

Now, let's refocus our attention on the 2024 Cicada shirt, a true masterpiece crafted by artist Nicholas Reed. This shirt offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and admire the beauty of these extraordinary insects.